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To produce competent diploma engineers as per need of Industries and entrepreneurs with ethical values. 

Welcome To Establishment Section


  • Industry oriented technical education.

  • Excellent teaching and learning environment

  • Promote entrepreneurship activities.

  • Continual growth in every sphere of life by developing core human values.

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Establishment is the foundation of the institute to function properly. It is observed that the best of the teachers fall short of administering their duties efficiently. The information that contains familiarizes the staff members with policies, procedures, programs, services and benefits. The Head of the admin is responsible for faculty related issues regarding service matters in terms of leave, higher education, time scale like CAS and promotion.

One can find here, a set of all possible tasks and actions to be taken, based on rules stipulated from time to time. The administrators need to be aware of where and when GCSR and its amendments are to be observed, as well as similar relevant documents in the service matters of employees.

     Activities under Establishment

       ▪  IQAC

​        ▪  Vacation Detention

        ▪  Post Continuation proposal

        ▪  Daily Attendance and Muster

        ▪  Arrears/Allowances/Overload proposals

        ▪  Disciplinary matters and Confidential orders

        ▪  Personal file maintenance of faculty members

        ▪  HRA / TA / Quarter allotment process (Contact to HOD Civil)

Address for communication:

​         Government Polytechnic, Palanpur

         Outside malan-gate, Palanpur-385001

         Phone No. 02742-245219


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